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Fun with Shapes Tonya Martin What is the name of this shape? Square Circle Triangle Rectangle Oops! Try Again. That shape was not a circle.

The History of Computer Programming ... The History of BASIC Kemeny & Kurtz The Hackers Bill Gates Quick Basic Visual Basic OOPS Terminology what it is like ...

Title: A General Theory of Crime Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990) Author: Jeff Maahs Last modified by: Jeff Maahs Created Date: 3/12/2001 8:21:26 PM

Adding and Subtracting Integers When adding integers, ... Way to Go!! You’re #1 Now on to #6 b. -6 c. 14 d. -14 OOPS! An empty locker! Try again!

“How Good Do You Want To Be? ... “OOPS!” The person who doesn’t make mistakes is unlikely to make anything. Fail, fail again, fail better.

Oops! My Hearing Aid is Not Working Two main reasons your hearing aid might not work: The battery is dead. Replace the battery and perform a listening check.

What causes the seasons? What season is created when the earth is tilted away from the sun? Oops wrong answer… Correct. Great job! Who am I?? ...

Oops! Sorry, try again. Click here to try again! 5. What book gives you synonyms and antonyms? A. Atlas. B. Almanac. C. Thesaurus. Oops! Sorry, try again.

1st month learning curve and reminders using “oops” tags “oops” tag to residents whose carts are misplaced along with informative flyer.

Evidence-based Prosecution ... Note: Only if victim has capacity to sign consent Check for past DIRs/61s/OOPs Check other jurisdictions where defendant lived.

Don’t do it! They’ll melt! Yech! Jelly Bean Blues My jelly beans Were in my pocket. ... And today is laundry day. Oops. Think I’ll call home.

Oops…We Goofed-or-The Articles of Confederation: Our Nation’s First Plan of Government. Main Idea. In order to carry on the war and build a new nation, Americans ...

factor “oops!” factor “oops!” factor picture lessons picture lessons editing & proofreading in business settings slide 43 editing star trek: slide 46 ...

and Hand Washing “It’s in your hands ... PowerPoint Presentation Congratulations! You’ve completed the “Hand Washing Tutorial!” Oops! Oops! ...

Oops … not quite ... Way to go! Adding Integers with a Hiker The 3 Things you NEED to know Starting Point PowerPoint Presentation Direction to Face PowerPoint ...

The American team did their calculations in the English standard and the other team did it in the metric system (OOPS!) MARS This made scientists very upset.

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